They say you can never truly speak a language until you are immersed in the culture and maybe the same can be said of musical theatre. By allowing guests ‘dancefloor’ tickets in which the stage and actors constantly swirl around you, Priscilla the Party immerses us into the glamorous, raunchy and celebratory world of the three drag queens Mitzi Del Bra/Tick (Owain Williams), Bernadette Bassenger (Dakota Starr) and Felicia Jollygoodfellow/Adam (Reece Kerridge).

Fans of the 1994 film and the subsequent hit musical ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ will be delighted to see the original plot explored in this refreshing way while holding on to the iconic one-liners, songs and outfits.

Priscilla virgins, fear not, you will be led through the experience by the legendary compère, Gaye Cliché (Trevor Ashley) who narrates the tale in between timeless anthems from ABBA, Kylie and Gloria Gaynor. If you’re a fan of a good time, you will surely be in HEAVEN…and I don’t mean the club in Charing Cross.

Like its predecessors, Priscilla the Party, is full of heart and as much as you will be laughing, dancing and feeling happy to be alive, you will also be moved, as our beloved characters encounter homophobia as they travel through Australia during the 80s.

The immersive aspect of the show provides a unique experience in these moments, as while the actors perform among us, we can see the emotions we feel mirrored on other people’s faces in the crowd. This creates a tangible sense of community and a safe space for this story to be told.

Although a lot has changed in 30 years, the discrimination feels all too familiar and is a poignant reminder of what the LGBTQ+ community still faces today. Luckily, nothing can trample on an ignorant opinion quite like a drag queen with a witty and offensive comeback.

The joyous energy of the main cast combined with the incredibly talented backing dancers and singers is truly infectious, and I can guarantee you will leave this show feeling on top of the world. You might even dance your way home singing to ‘Shake your groove thing’ - or maybe that was just me…