The timeless allure of the roaring twenties is vividly brought to life in Roxie Rocks Chicago, a dazzling cabaret interpretation of the classic musical, hosted at The London Cabaret Club. Walking into the art deco setting of Victoria House in Bloomsbury Square you are transported to the smoky depths of 1920s Chicago for jazz, corruption, and seduction.

As guests sip on expertly crafted cocktails in the bar area, pre-show entertainment comes in the form of some well delivered songs and percussive, rhythmical tap-dancing, serving to wet the appetite for what is to come.

Artistic Director and choreographer Doni Fierro, in collaboration with London Cabaret CEO Evelina Girling, have crafted a brand-new show which captures the essence of the iconic musical while infusing it with their own unique flair. Split across three distinct acts we open with Frank Sinatra’s ‘Chicago’ which sets the mood. The wonderful ‘All That Jazz’ sees the dance troupe out in sparkling glitzy glamour and immediately you appreciate the intimacy of this venue. The stage is central with tables surrounding all sides. Wherever you are, the action is never far away, dancers are in the isles, on the stage and often hanging from the ceiling in an enthralling display of aerial acrobatics.

At the heart of the production the characters Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly, and Billy Flynn are embodied with charisma in various guises with multiple costume changes. Sassy and sexy onstage chemistry is electric, drawing the audience into the tangled web of love, betrayal, and ambition that defines the musical.

But Roxie Rocks Chicago is more than just a feast for the senses, it's also a culinary delight. Guests are treated to a well-prepared three-course dinner that caters for all tastes. My rump of lamb shoulder was cooked to perfection, ensuring that the food is as memorable as the entertainment.

The iconic musical numbers do not disappoint. Act 1’s ‘When You're Good to Mama’, Act 2 opener ‘Cell Block Tango’ and Act 3 finale ‘I Move On’ are all stand out moments. A rocked up version of Robert Johnson’s ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ and a subdued version of ‘Roxanne,‘ by The Police even make welcome appearances.

The powerhouse vocals of Lorna Marshalls deserve a mention, her effortless delivery and charm winning over the audience. From sultry jazz numbers to high-energy dance routines, there is something for everyone in these acclaimed musical numbers.

After the show, DJs keep the party going late into the night, inviting guests to dance the night away in true 1920s style if you can be tempted.

For lovers of the musical, fans of the roaring twenties or first timers, blending fine dining, electrifying performances, and post-show revelry, Roxie Rocks Chicago is an assured hit for all.