Winner of the ‘Fringe First Award’ at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023, THE INSIDER, by Danish company Teater Katapult, is an intensive, 3D-sound-filled, emotionally charged journey into the corrupt mind of one of the financiers who drained a staggering 50 billion GBP from the treasuries around Europe.

In this audacious piece, based on true events, actor Christoffer Hvidberg Ronje is a young father and smart tax lawyer who gradually turns into the face of human greed due to his devious boss, who explains to him that strict interpretations of tax laws can be… twisted and bend… It’s not before long and our ambitious freshman, now an ‘Insider’ takes his boss’ words for face value – leading to state-treasury looting on an unprecedented scale.

Thanks to live acting (an intense bravura performance from Ronje), striking visuals and a ground-breaking binaural soundscape, we, the spectators, accompany the Insider at meetings, at nightclubs where shady dealings are discussed, in the shower, and in an office at a bank in Zürich where he is interrogated and presented with an ultimatum: either he’ll co-operate and help the police catch an extensive network of criminal accomplices (“Names… we need names…”) or he’ll go to prison.

With headphones on throughout the performance, we not only allow the Insider the enter our collective heads but listen to multiple characters, all of which play their part – directly or indirectly – in the Insider’s fate.

THE INSIDER at the Zoo Southside, 117 Nicholson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9ER until August 27th.
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