As part of our #DANISH showcase reviews at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, we at Theatre-News would like to introduce the super-charged, immensely energetic and award-winning production of MASS EFFECT.

The show is presented by the award-winning HIMHERANDIT Company, one of Denmark’s leading Queer Art Companies under the artistic vision of Andreas Constantinou.

MASS EFFECT is a physical theatre show that pushes its performers to the very limit while engaging in complex running formations – starting slowly like some kind of warming exercise before a marathon and gradually moving and running across the stage in an increasingly frantic manner. This is interspersed by counting steps and cues (both in Danish and English) and what appears to be tribal chanting – pushing each other further and further and moving beyond exhaustion.

We also get some humour in between all the sweat and pumping but the main focus remains an impressive display of physical resilience and the motivational power of community spirit. As the spectacle heads towards its feverish climax, the performers keep stripping their clothes to cool off and reverse to an almost primeval state.

For the final 15 minutes, members of the local community join the stage to help pumping up the energy and push the performers to keep on going – thereby the entire theatre with a vibe of high octane energy – culminating in an euphoric Mass Effect!

MASS EFFECT contains full nudity and runs until August the 26th at Edinburgh’s Summerhall. Tickets can be booked here.

Photo: Christoffer Brekne