As part of our #DANISH showcase reviews at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, we at Theatre-News would like to highlight SENSUOUS GOVERNING by highly acclaimed and award-winning Copenhagen-based performance group Sisters Hope.

‘Sensuous Governing’ invites you to an immersive and otherworldly journey into the governing structures of our society, during which you will explore your poetic self by means of touching, sensing and feeling. How this is done we won’t reveal here, only that during the exploration, several members of Sisters Hope will take you by the hand and lead and guide you.

Aim of this journey, however, is not only the exploration of ones poetic self but once you step into the outside world again, the entire experience should have inspired you with hopes and dreams for a potential future society call ‘Sensuous Society’: a brave new world where everything is governed by the principles of an aesthetic dimension.

In their complex performative manifestations, Sisters Hope are introducing a new artistic paradigm that they term ‘Inhabitation’ stimulating ecologic connectedness for sustainable futures. The group has furthermore developed their own performance method – Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning, which is the outset of the training of its performers and which is now taught widely at art schools and around the world. Sisters Hope is led by Gry Worre Hallberg who co-founded the group with her poetic twin sister Anna Lawaetz in 2007.

If you are lucky enough to be in Edinburgh right now, go and see this unique performance!
SENSUOUS GOVERNING runs until August 20th at The Danish Consulate Edinburgh, 21 Walker Street, EH3 7HX and tickets can be booked here.

Photo: Diana Lindhardt / N. F. Rasmussen