Prepare to be enthralled and captivated, for "Desperate Times" by Adam Laboda. A theatrical gem that immerses audiences in a world of raw emotions and thought-provoking narratives. Laboda's creation is a powerful exploration of growing up queer in the countryside with a parent that refuses to accept and understand. It plays on the sense of obligation to ones family and being able to live ones own life. The play itself artfully blends humour, family heartache, and hope.

Desperate Times sweeps you away on a rollercoaster of emotions. The masterful storytelling shines through each carefully crafted scene. The cast delivers stellar performances, breathing life into richly developed characters. The two main leads (“Son” and “Man”) in particular had palpable chemistry. The play had so many relatable scenes and outlines skilfully different people’s reactions and behaviours with queer people.

A few scenes in particular stood out to me, my favourite of which was “Son” being rescued by “Man” in a local pub from a group of so-called friends organised by “Mum”, the mix of expert acting made this scene come to life especially bringing out the “toxic masculinity” of the more rowdy characters as well as making us all empathise and relate to both “Son” and “Man”.

To conclude, Desperate Times is an unforgettable journey through the human spirit, masterfully crafted by Adam Laboda. With its compelling story, exceptional performances, and impeccable production values, this play leaves an indelible mark on its audience. Laboda's ability to capture the complexity of human nature and invite introspection is truly remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend Desperate Times to anyone seeking a captivating, thought-provoking, and inspiring theatrical experience and look forward to future works by him.