An intimate, enchanting and romantic experience with West End musical classics performed in perfect harmony by a world-class string quartet, surrounded by charming and atmospheric candlelights.

Having come from the busy streets of Central London, the magical experience began as I arrived at the gate of the venue - the iconic St Paul’s Church, also known as The Actors’ Church in Covent Garden. Embraced by the tranquillity of the lovely courtyard, the cosiness of the festoon lights along the path, and the beautifully candlelit and romantic atmosphere inside the church, I was pleasantly surprised as my mood was completely calmed and uplifted by the very warm, inviting and charismatic setting.

The concert began with a couple of soothing tunes followed by a number of more upbeat and rhythmic tracks, all carefully selected from internationally renowned musicals such as Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton, Lion King and Rent; and beautifully performed by Icon Strings Quartet - an award-winning musical group, whose harmonising performance, passionate expressions and delightful anecdotes of the songs undoubtedly became the star of the show.

The concert lasted for about an hour without intervals. As the show ended, I stepped out of the church, returned back to the busy streets of London, felt as though I had just escaped from reality to a dreamy world of serenity, and gradually woke up with a sweet aftertaste of harmonising melodies and an appetite to revisit some of my favourite West End musicals.

A wonderful and mesmerising experience overall.