I left ‘Age is a Feeling’ with powerful feelings of melancholy and joy in equal measure. The poignant one woman play written and performed by Haley McGee is set intimately in Soho Theater, straight from a smash hit 5 star run at Edinburgh fringe. Inspired by real life interviews, it is an absolute steal for only 10 pounds, and a newfound appreciation of life lingers on days after leaving the theater doors.

The set invites you in with dry ice, a large high chair, and a circle of tall flowers each adorned with a word; including egg, hospital and fist. We soon find out these represent the different stories you will have a chance to hear throughout the performance. Each time the audience chooses six or twelve to hear, embellishing a life story told ambitiously through monologue, starting from her 25th birthday party right up to death.

Capturing the essence of a full life whilst purposefully leaving out parts of the whole story is no small feat but Haley McGee does so with captivation, humor, and thrill. She tells the tale through snippets of important advice from loved ones, self imposed goals, confessions, regrets, and silly superficial worries that we will leave the theater promising to never succumb to again. So captivating, without the chiming of the bell she uses to timestamp the years passing, it would be easy to lose yourself in it completely.

We meet lovers, parents and dear friends brought to life impeccably by McGees acting. Animated mannerisms and accents clearly separate each from the last as well and have the audience laughing and holding back tears. Throughout the play she also reminds us of the narratives we will never hear, peaking curiosity for each lost storyline, and encouraging you to cherish the ones you get the honor of hearing. It is an important reminder that each tale shared with us from a friend, partner or stranger is a precious invitation into their life that shouldn’t to be taken for granted.

Whilst each story painted a beautiful picture of our main character and those closest to her, it’s clear that no matter which handful of stories you hear, you will be left with the same powerful lessons. Let go of the things that pass you by, treasure each moment of joy and never assume anything about anyone. Oh and “drink less, exercise more and eat more vegetables' '.