Courtesy of my two year old son I have become more than aware of the Blippi phenomenon. His exhuberant spirit and catchy tunes are my introduction to most days.

When I saw that Blippi The Musicali would have it's UK premiere at the Apollo in the heart of London's West End, I nearly fell of my seat. I had come to imagine that Blippi only existed within the realms of YouTube, but now here he was popping out of the small screen and onto the big stage.

With over 37 million subscribers and surely many more million non-subscribed viewers, myself included, the audience was certainly there, but would they be persuaded to push the buggy all the way to the West End to enjoy the real life spectacle?

Getting around by buggy these days is pretty easy, but be warned, incredibly in 2022 there are no lifts at Piccadilly Circus. Finally joining the queue of pushchairs at the Apollo, I have to admit to being more than a little eager to see how the Blippi phenomenon would translate to the stage.

Blippi is the alias of American Stevin John, who personally selects professional stage performers for the show but all the kids are non the wiser that he doesn't actually appear. The premise of the show is that Blippi's Party Machine is broken and he calls on Mo The Mechanic to fix it with fun, frolics and songs joyfully entwined along the way.

Blippi bounds around the stage in typically exhilarating fashion, delivering song after song with the help of his Blippi Buddies. From the 'Transportation Song' to the '12 Months Of The Year Song' the stage is ablaze with choreographed dance moves and the text book Blippi moves and shakes. My son's highlight was the appearance of the yellow digger heralding the welcome climax of the 'Excavator Song'. Definitely my favourite too, I had been unconsciously humming it for far too long, I hope the live experience has laid that ear worm to rest.

It's a high energy show which captivated my son and almost every child in the theatre for the full 70 minutes, a near miracle in itself. Some tunes educate - 'The Toothbrush Song', some entertain ' The Dinosaur Song' and some aim to develop their well-being "Take A Break'. All the numbers are delivered with zest and are perfectly well-placed for the 2-7 age range.

Spoiler alert: With the Party Machine fixed the party concludes with 'Celebrate' and a huge round of applause from the young fans and parents.

It's a delightful show staged in a distinguished venue that any young fan (and parent) would enjoy.

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