Since his early days presenting numerous TV shows, Brand has been continually evolving before our eyes. From Big Brother's Big Mouth to Ponderland and various leading roles in hit feature films, it's fair to say Brand has not rested on his past successes and has been pushing boundaries with his art, comedy and cultural insights.

If we needed a reminder of the man's charisma, charm and quick wit, his latest tour “33” offered it. At last night's show (20/04 at the Princess Theatre, Torquay), Brand set the atmosphere alight from the moment he took to the stage. Much like his previous tours, Brand spoke about important topical issues – but drenched his dialogue with his unique blend of humour and wacky stage antics.

Brand stepped down from the stage during the show's interval and spent time meeting with his army of fans – almost everyone seemed eager to get close to the star, and he gave his time until staff intervened and he had to get back on stage. The scenes were touching; after society's journey through the pandemic, which was for many a time of isolation, there was something satisfying about seeing him unite with and embrace his audience.

From Boris Johnson, an alphabet of porn (long story), cheese and camping with kids, Brand covered (almost) everything imaginable. It's clear to his fans that the comedian is still full to the brim with that infectious, edgy humour. His observations of modern life delighted his audience in the two hour show and no one, it seemed, came away disappointed. He managed to do the impossible: give the last two years meaning with unexpected punchlines.

A highly entertaining and uplifting evening.

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