Sam and Nick met online and they’re finally meeting up in person however this is not an ordinary date. The play is inspired by the 2001 case of Armin Meiwes, who killed and ate a man he found online. Sam (Pedro Leandro) and Nick (Eddie Loodmer-Elliott) are the leads in this black comedy two-hander. The play gives plenty of laughs despite its morbid theme, finding comedy in the most mundane of subjects. However, the audience is soon unsettled and sharply reminded of what both men are here for.

Both Leandro and Loodmer-Elliott give great performances, able to switch effortlessly between light comedy and the dark reality they both face. Evan Lordan provides measured direction, giving the actors freedom and careful not to let the play creep into farce. And although the script is light in places, it doesn’t avoid discussing the very dark subject matter and asks the audience to consider some deep, compelling questions.

You’ll leave the theatre reaching for your phone to search Wikipedia for the real story…