We need a little Christmas , and now with the current epidemic emphasis on 'little Christmases' this provides a big bundle of sheer delight. It is described as a 'festive tonic' which sells it short. It's the gin to go with it and in fact the entire buffet.

Introduced by the ever engaging Denise Welch we are treated to the most sumptuous collection of Theatre and West End stars. The best line-up possible in a single Christmas concert . With so many outstanding performances it is difficult to pick out any , but it seems wrong not to mention a few.

Sophie Isaacs sets the tone with her rendition of 'We Need A Little Christmas from the stage show Mame. Swiftly followed by Kevin Clifton singing and dancing to the upbeat 'Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.

Sally Ann Triplett with her two children give a tender performance, with beautiful harmonies, of 'Christmas Lights' which was spell-binding ,and Brenda Edwards version of 'O Holy Night' was totally amazing.

And then the slightly out of touch godmother wanting to get the family together for Christmas, was an absolute tour de force in the more than capable hands of Dame Maureen Lipman. A monologue that is sure to become a classic.
Other cast members are Simon Callow, Lee Mead, Jodie Prenger, Christine Allado, David Badella, Sheila Ferguson, Amy Hart, Dom Hartley-Harris, Cassidy Janson, Charlie Kristensen, Lydia Lucy, Sharon Rose, Michael Vinsen, The Vivienne, and the West End Gospel Choir. all of whom give wonderful performances .

The Actor's church was decked with red and orange presents and lit like a warm fireslde glow provides the perfect backdrop for all the artists.

It was expertly staged and directed by Michael Strassen so that the pace and variety was built upon throughout . It's an hour and fourteen minutes of joy.

Please, please, please consider this a must for Christmas. With the ticket money going to much needed charities , you will be donating as well as revelling in the warmest of hugs this Concert gives.