Today, 24 January 2023, Jerwood Arts has announced the 24 early-career artists, makers, curators, and producers selected for the Jerwood New Work Fund (JNWF). They will receive funding towards the final development and public presentation of exceptional new projects spanning ten different art forms including theatre, music, installation, live art, visual arts and circus.

The awardees are working on projects that will lead to new exhibitions, performances and publications by the end of 2024, taking place across the UK from Belfast to Blackpool to Battersea, as well as online.
JNWF is designed to support extraordinary artists to lead on the development and presentation of new work at a milestone moment in their career. It aims to support artists with a track record of exceptional potential to bridge the gap between early-career and established practices by enabling them to secure the final partners and match funds to ‘green light’ their most ambitious projects to date. JWNF offers project grants from £2,500 - £10,000, supporting artists to bring bold new work to audiences across the UK on their own terms.

The funding opportunity has been developed as part of Jerwood Arts pathway of support for independent artists, makers, curators and producers. It is only available for artists who have recently completed a Jerwood Arts funded development programme, award, fellowship or residency, and are on the cusp of their mid-career point. As such, the selected artists represent some of the most exciting voices and artistic visions emerging from across the UK, having already been selected for and completed some of the most prestigious artist development programmes available in a wide range of artforms, disciplines and genres.

Lilli Geissendorfer, Director of Jerwood Arts says: “We want to enable some of the most extraordinary artists coming through our supported programmes to be bold and take risks, to complete exceptional new work, and connect it with a public audience. We’ve designed the fund specifically to answer the perennial ‘what now?’ question artists face when they come to the end of an award, residency or fellowship. It’s a ‘green light’ that will help them secure the venues, partners and funding they need for their projects to meet an audience in the next few years.”

Ones to watch

The selected artists include some of the most exciting breakthrough talent across the UK, spanning a variety of art forms including theatre, music, installation, live art, sonic art, visual arts and circus.

The complete list of JNWF projects in 2023 are led by the following artists:

(Read their full biographies on the Jerwood Arts website)

· Emii Alrai - installation (Yorkshire and the Humber, England)
· Anaiis - music (London, England)
· Beau W Beakhouse & Sadia Pineda Hameed - installation (Southeast Wales)
· Hoa Dung Clerget & KV Duong - visual arts (London, England)
· Amy Crighton - theatre (Midlands, England)
· D.M.S - cross-artform (London, England)
· Joana Dias & Fae Fichtner - circus and producing (London, England)
· Nwando Ebizie - live art, music, installation (Yorkshire & Humber, England)
· Jamal Gerald - live art (Yorkshire & The Humber, England)
· Oozing Gloop - cross-artform (East England)
· Maegan Icke & Rachel Jones - Tool/Toy Project – design and applied arts (East England)
· Jennifer Jackson - cross-artform (Northwest England)
· Katayoun Jalilipour - visual arts (East Midlands, England)
· Lisette May Monroe & Adrien Howard – Rosie's Disobedient Press - visual arts (Glasgow, Scotland)
· Demi Nandhra - theatre (Midlands, England)
· Freddie Wulf - live art (Southwest England)
· Adam Stearns & Marie-Claire Lacey - sonic and visual arts (Glasgow, Scotland)
· Mo’min Swaitat – music (London, England)