Award-winning theatre company Urban Foxes Collective present their feminist comedy MOTHERLOAD! at Camden People’s Theatre from 24 - 25 November 2022, following a critically acclaimed run at Summerhall as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and performances at Brighton Fringe and Latitude Festival.

A dark and hilarious one-woman show, MOTHERLOAD! is about the end of the world. It centres Mother Nature, the sexiest woman alive turned dumpster fire, as she presents a TED talk in a last bid to save her favourite creation - humanity.

Using eclectic styles including bouffon and clown, alongside absurdist comedy, Mother Nature is performed by Elena Voce. Directed by Saskia Marland, the piece uses comedic form to entertain whilst taking the opportunity to explore timely themes related to the climate crisis, environmentalism, feminism and motherhood.

In line with the company’s work that is personal, political and highly theatrical, MOTHERLOAD! was created in response to the complexities of being a young woman and the ethical, political and social issues surrounding becoming a mother. It asks the question on a generation’s lips - should we?

Urban Foxes Collective is a devising theatre company founded by joint Creative Directors Elena Voce and Saskia Marland, who make work in response to the world now. Inspired by artists including Caroline Horton, Lucy McCormick and Natalie Palamides, they make bold, urgent and comedic work that examines their relationship to themselves, each other and the world in which they exist.

Elena Voce and Saskia Marland of Urban Foxes Collective and creators of MOTHERLOAD! said:
“MOTHERLOAD! is a dark comedy that holds a mirror up to the ways in which we have treated the planet and how Mother Nature has sacrificed her needs over her children’s. At its heart it is a show that aims to humanise our planet, and we hope to awaken a sense of action in audiences by making the plight of Mother Nature feel personal.

Created from the perspective of two women in their 30’s, it is a bold and brash comedic exploration of our own eco anxiety and our fears around bringing children into an unstable world. It’s feminist in its approach of examining traditional patriarchal noties of mothering, whilst exploring themes related to the climate crisis and environmentalism.”

Coming straight from Edinburgh Fringe and Brighton Fringe (winning the acclaimed Brighton International Touring Award), MOTHERLOAD! will be performed at Camden People’s Theatre from 24 - 25 November at 7:15pm.

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