Limited-edition digital collectibles (NFTs) from multi-platinum songwriter and artist, Ross Golan, are available to buy on the Terra Virtua marketplace from today. The award winning collaborator to stars including Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, has dropped the NFT collection for his conceptual album and acclaimed musical The Wrong Man.

The collections, made up of NFTs and digital collectibles, are available in four rarities and feature a mix of music, 2D animated album artwork, the full animated musical, animated album cover and limited edition posters featuring artwork from the musical.

An exclusive Platinum Edition includes a physical copy and an animated NFT of the original handwritten lyrics from the production, as well as the full movie, custom vinyl record plaque and the opportunity to speak with Ross Golan himself in a 30 minutes hangout session via Zoom.

With only one minted in total, the Platinum Edition NFT will be auctioned on Terra Virtua’s marketplace on the 29th of March, with 100% of Terra Virtua’s proceeds being donated to the Innocence Project, which addresses issues closely linked to the themes and subject of injustice in Golan’s The Wrong Man.

Golan’s album, The Wrong Man, started life as a folk song about a man wrongly convicted of a murder he didn’t commit, which Golan used to play live in people’s living rooms, then bars and lofts, from Sydney to London.

Over the years, Golan turned that one song into a concept album of songs, that told the tale of protagonist Duran, who has a one-night stand with a woman he meets at a bar, then is framed for murder by her jealous ex-husband.
It was then transformed into an animated film and then a stage musical by Hamilton alumni Thomas Kail, starring three-time Tony nominee Joshua Henry as the protagonist and premiering Off-Broadway in autumn 2019 to sell-out crowds. A new production of the musical is expected in 2023.

The partnership with Golan - famous for collaborations with Selena Gomez, Flo Rida, Celine Dion, Nicki Minaj, Maroon 5 and One Direction, among many others - demonstrates a new revenue stream for musicians, giving them the ability to form stronger relationships with their audiences, and giving fans the chance to own a piece of their favourite artist’s work.

Ross Golan, said, “I’ve been working on The Wrong Man for over fifteen years. It’s now on a journey all of its own and I’m a passenger just like everyone else. What’s fantastic about NFTs is not only the ability to deliver a mixed media conceptual album but also the ability to mint unique editions so fans can actually own a piece of The Wrong Man.”

Terra Virtua, CEO, Jawad Ashraf, commented, “Working with Ross on the world’s first NFT musical, we’re really pushing the boundaries of what’s possible through NFTs and bringing something truly original to the industry. The collaboration has also given us the opportunity to create some incredibly exciting NFTs for fans, develop a very special 1/1 collectors NFT and support a fantastic cause.”