The New York-based Chilean actor tells us about his show, “Believe in Stupid Sh*t”.

What started as a way of letting it all out somehow became a show. “I didn’t know I was writing a show” he says, “When I started, I thought it could maybe be an essay, a column, some sort of stand-up routine, but I think having been this long in theater, you just think in scenes and dramatic arcs… so it became a one-man show.”

Chris Browne Valenzuela (“Safe & Sound”, “Hacienda”) has been acting out other people’s words for over a decade. This is his first time performing his own material. When asked if it feels more vulnerable, he replied “No. I can’t explain it, it should be absolutely terrifying. But it just feels right. Maybe it’s because if I mess up the words they’re still my words.”

The part-comedy, part-drama reflects on beliefs that we hold dear, but may in fact be quite silly, without being a measure of our intelligence or value. The show in turns resembles a TED talk, a stand-up routine, a cabaret number, and simply a man telling his story. When inquired about his inspiration, Chris revealed “I saw people in my life who I knew for a fact were brilliant, but who believed in things that completely defy the smallest test of logic. On one hand, that is hilarious. Comedy is in the opposites, a smart person who still believes in Santa Claus is inherently funny. And on the other hand, it sparked my curiosity. I wanted to know what that was about and how it affected people, and how it affected me.”

The play, with technical direction by Maggie Harris, had an intimate New York premiere thanks to the New York Foundation for the Arts City Artist Corp Grants. “If it hadn’t been for the grant, I probably wouldn’t have even finished the show. The good people at NYFA gave me a deadline and that lit a fire on my tails. So, I’m doubly grateful to them, for the funds and the deadline!” he admitted. The show was a hit with those attending, with theater writer Adriana Nocco even calling it “Brilliant!”

Chris concludes by saying “Even though we have an important run coming in Chicago, I still feel like it’s a work in development. I’ll always feel like that. Every time I open the script I make one or two little edits, much to the dismay of my Stage Manager.”

“Believe in Stupid Sh*t” is scheduled to have a major engagement in Chicago through Mi Latinidad. Mi Latinidad is a multimedia company that produces theatre, showcases, digital media, and other works by Latinx artists. Chris’ show will be prominently featured in their “Live Art Museum Exhibit” set for April 2022.

You can follow updates on “Believe in Stupid Sh*t” or Chris through his social media @Browne_con_e or through Mi Latinidad at