Actress Nadine Hart, soon to be featured at the One Act Festival, reveals an inspiring project to raise awareness about artists with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Since 2006, the One Act Play Festival, hosted by the Artists’ Exchange, has showcased the works of emerging and established playwrights and highlighted the best short plays.

For its 15th edition, and after a year of pandemic, the actress Nadine Hart will be back on stage, with the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company (Artistic director Ronnie Marmo), to play a new piece written by Katie Jay Hopkins, called “A Moment of Gravity”. Nadine will be playing Piper the strong willed, an impulsive pilot of a spacecraft that is waylaid from its usual course by an unknown emergency.

If her name sounds familiar, maybe it’s because you saw her perform one of the best satirical sketch comedies, “Kelly and Whitney’s Bucket“, at Brighton Fringe Festival in 2015… a successful and significant work for Nadine, who co-wrote, co-created and co-directed it.

Throughout her career, Nadine Hart has been performing on legendary theatrical stages such as the Circle in the Square, but also in numerous movies, including “King Jeongjo“, presented at the Concourse Film Festival, written for her in mind, by South Korean filmmaker Byungseon Kong and Jason Labuda.

All the way from Britain, Nadine Hart is more than a performer. She is pure talent, spontaneity, bravery, perseverance and inspiration.

Actor, writer, stand up comedian… Nadine studied drama at the prestigious Circle in the Square Theatre School, at the University of Essex and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). With such training and her extraordinary audacity, she was never afraid to be funny in public and audition for the most sought after performances, from England to New York. With success.

« I used to do silly little plays for my parents, usually with my siblings, and I remember my father saying I would make a good actress aged six. I was always performing little puppet shows or making other children laugh with funny voices and impressions of our favourite cartoon characters whilst I was in Nursery school.
Nadine Hart always had » says the actress.

She has been mastering no less than 11 accents and dialects ever since! And she adds that there’s more she’s still trying to master…“I was the kid who did impressions of teachers at school and have since been told I don’t have an accent whilst speaking French in particular and growing up as one of four I often cling to what people tell me I’m talented at so learnt more and more to want to stand out. ».

Although a busy artist, Nadine loves learning about linguistics and the spoken voice. She gives funny and helpful tips on her TikTok and teaches accents and dialects (

Extrovert and passionate, Nadine also adores Shakespeare and the Greek dramas, and studied classics at oxbridge. She’s always on the lookout for stories that are previously undone, innovative, as well as soulful and dramatic. When she played the role of Anne Frank, earlier in her career, she realized that telling the stories of those who can’t was important.

When asked what « scene » she prefers to play she answers : “Theatre was the first for me so I usually say that but I love the sketch comedy and comedy in general, I love the immediate reaction you often get. But I love the classics and dramatic period pieces however. Pride and Prejudice would be a dream to be in!“.

The actress has long been suffering from musculoskeletal chronic illness, which results in pains that affect bones, joints or muscles.

Resilient and perseverant, her condition was never an obstacle. She transformed it as a reason to inspire other artists and raise awareness about performers with chronic illnesses and disabilities. She’s about to launch her podcast, “Disability Decoded“, in which she will talk about and with artists, about their conditions, their art, performances and the struggles faced.

« It’s something I hope to bring a lighter and lighthearted approach to disabled and chronically ill performers in particular, but others too, and what people like us face. Not just on stage or on set but on the street too and at home. I hope to start off by bringing friends on and people they know before expanding outward to more people. Let's find ways to create equitable spaces for ALL artists with guests and light hearted laughs. » Nadine says

An amazing artist to follow!