The Pandora Network is launching a new online interactive experience in July called NIGHTLIGHT CIRCUS, with tickets now on sale. This follows the hugely successful sold out launch of the first experience – BURYING THE HATCHET - which ran in May 2020.

The Pandora Network is an interactive week-long mystery solving experience that guests can take part in from the comfort of their own home. Guests listen to the initial brief and over the course of a week interact online with live ‘Field Agents’ who provide them evidence and clues to consider, working together to solve the case.

The Pandora Network has been written, produced and performed by Electric Goldfish a new creative partnership between immersive theatre companies Faceless Ventures; Incognito Experiences; and Nick Hutson Music; and as well as being designed for a remote, and international audience who are in lockdown; it has also been entirely produced by the creators remotely whilst in lockdown.

For anyone that likes the mystery genre in theatre, television shows or film, this experience allows them to not just watch the mystery unfold but to be a part of the action themselves.

Each story presents a new and unique mystery to solve and can be enjoyed individually or as a continual series, warmly celebrating everyone’s favourite tropes from supernatural stories and murder mysteries. The Pandora Network provides some light-hearted creepy fun for an online audience.

Lee Conway from The Pandora Network said, “COVID19 and the subsequent lockdown has had a disastrous impact on many in the creative and theatrical world with many live productions on hold indefinitely. This is an impact that may have a lasting effect on the industry.

But for some creatives – this challenge has prompted them to reach out to others and collaborate, finding new ways of working, new formats, and even reaching new audiences that would not otherwise have seen their work.”

Nina Tolstoy from Incognito Experiences said, “We can’t stop telling stories. Not now. Not ever. We just have to find different ways of creating and sharing them. Our audiences still need that entertainment, that escapism, and the chance to explore new worlds – perhaps right now more than ever. It has been truly inspiring collaborating remotely to create something new”

Rosalie Woodward, Faceless Ventures said, “We have always loved sharing our passion through collaborations, not only with other companies in our “comfort genre” of Horror, but also stretching outside the box, working with front-runners in different genres to expand our knowledge and product. Given the restrictions we are all currently facing, we have achieved so much. The use of online tools and video conferencing has opened up a world of creative collaboration!”

Nick Hutson from Nick Hutson Music said, “I love murder mysteries and audio dramas were the first thing that got me into audio production and music - so it's great to be able to blend immersive story telling, music and audio drama together to create something quite unique and incredibly entertaining”

The Pandora Network launched with its first story “Burying the Hatchet” with shows beginning 2nd May, and 10th May. Both shows sold out very quickly and had audience members ‘tuning in’ from all around the world.

The Pandora Network team are planning further runs of “Burying the Hatchet” as well as developing a second episode that will present a brand-new story. The creative team are also considering a variety of future formats that will allow audiences to engage with The Pandora Network in brand new ways.

Previous participant William McCoy said, “For one week, I was bigger than myself. While living life on a normal time, I could spend my free time being an agent and solving a crime. The ability to be a superhero in this digital playground is an experience I’ll never forget.”

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