University drama societies from around the UK have come together to raise money for local theatres around the UK that are facing administration as a result of Covid-19.

With the detrimental impact on the arts, with regional theatres around the UK suffering students have created the 'Students Saving Our Theatres' campaign as a way of helping theatres to stay afloat in this time of need.

Our initiative ‘Students Saving Our Theatres’ is something really fun to help support the arts industry and the more people we can get involved, the more money we can raise!

Our plan is to do fun weekly challenges in which drama societies from all around the UK participate in and raise money for their local regional theatre. We will do this for 5 weeks, each week with a different challenge. This will all culminate in a scratch night at the end of the five weeks in which anyone involved in University Drama can send in clips of their performances/music/poetry etc which will be premiered on Youtube. This scratch night will be a great way to raise money and to give artists a platform to show off their talents when theatres are not operational.

All money will be sent out at the end of the five weeks and we will split the money equally between all the theatres we are supporting; chosen by participating Unis in their local area.

Please support however you can to ensure such a special industry survives this pandemic .

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