Images of the cast of Ali Milles' THE CROFT in rehearsal have been revealed. The play opens at Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham on 22 January, before continuing to tour the UK until 18 April 2020.

THE CROFT is set in the remote Scottish Highlands village of Coillie Ghille, where we encounter three women from different eras whose lives are intertwined by the croft's dark history. In the 1880’s, we have Enid, the last person left in the village - she's resilient, a survivor, who takes in the Laird's pregnant daughter, Eilene. In 2005, Ruth occupies the croft, which she and her husband Tom bought as a holiday home and where Ruth has her affair with local man, David. In the present day, Laura returns with her friend Suzanne to her parent's croft after her mother Ruth's death. They discover the terrifying truth that lurks within the croft. In this bold and haunting play, the present interweaves with the past, as these women search for love in the midst of great danger. As we watch their stories intertwine and ancient tales surface, can the present heal the past?

Starring Gwen Taylor, Caroline Harker, Drew Cain, Lucy Doyle and Simon Roberts.

THE CROFT is directed by the award-winning director Philip Franks and produced by The Original Theatre Company.