People have been evacuated from the Piccadilly Theatre in London's West End tonight after part of a ceiling collapsed.

The venue in Denman Street was packed for a performance of Death of a Salesman reports the BBC.

Screaming was heard from the circle when the partial ceiling collapse happened just before 8pm. Some theatre-goers left covered in dust and debris.

Over 1,000 people have been evacuated from the venue, the Met Police said adding that casualties suffered minor injuries. The crowd can can be seen in a Twitter video posted below.

This has happened six years after the nearby Apollo Theatre ceiling also collapsed.

One theatre-goer said there was "dripping" from the ceiling before it caved in, while another described people running and screaming to get out of the venue.

The fire crews were on the scene quickly, with first aid administered on the scene. Five people also received hospital treatment for minor injuries.

Wendell Pierce, who plays Willy Loman in the show, was seen outside saying "We're so honoured that you came tonight. We are so sorry that this happened".

Ceiling came down half way through performance of death of a salesman at the #Piccadilly#theatre. Started with some dripping that increased in rate until it all caved in.

Laura Kate Jones
So I was at the theatre tonight to see Death of a Salesman at the Piccadilly Theatre when the ceiling fell in only 20 mins into the show. People running and screaming to get out. Truly terrifying.