London-based Romanian actor Catinca Maria Nistor (Golda) is celebrating her UK stage debut with the forthcoming run of her one-woman show, The Second Coming of Joan of Arc.

Catinca, who appeared alongside Oscar-winning Dame Helen Mirren in the 2023 film Golda, has a wealth of stage experience, including starring in A Doll's House Part 2, Richard III & Love's Labour's Lost (directed by Andrei Serban) and leading roles in Les Miserables and Footloose – all in her home country of Romania.

“Centuries have passed, but nothing has changed. Except nowadays they don’t burn you at the stake, they burn you on the internet.” – Catinca Maria Nistor

In The Second Coming of Joan of Arc, Joan returns to share her story with contemporary women and unmask the brutal misogyny behind male institutions. Joan of Arc was a teenage runaway who led an army to victory. Defiant, irreverent, intelligent, and faithful to her own visions, she was one of the most well-documented figures of the 15th Century.

Performing Joan of Arc's story is a deeply personal mission for Catinca Maria Nistor: "This text found me after emerging from a traumatizing experience working for the Romanian Foreign Cultural Diplomacy sector, after enduring blatant misogyny and mental and psychological abuse. Telling Joan's story will bring healing and closure to a disturbing yet transformative chapter of my life. I would also like to use this opportunity as a safe space and a platform advocating for women's rights and gender equality, encouraging women everywhere to share their own experiences and stories of overcoming maltreatment and discrimination."

The Second Coming of Joan of Arc will resonate with contemporary struggles, opening a discussion on gender equality issues, both historical and current.

For those wanting to share their own empowerment stories on social media, please use #iamjoan.

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