Following a sell-out tour across the UK, British comedy sensation Myra DuBois will be extending her Be Well live tour into Autumn 2024 across September and October to continue helping those who she claims are in great need. Tickets go on sale today, Friday 23rd February, and are available below.

After ground-breaking wellness work in the West End and Edinburgh Fringe in 2023, not to mention a national tour of Australia, the empress of empaths Myra DuBois sends her critically acclaimed self-help seminar ‘BE WELL’ back on tour. Audiences will be delighted to know that she will extend her nationwide live tour to Leeds, Birmingham, Leicester, Salford, Dublin, Belfast, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brighton, Newcastle, Sheffield, Bath, St Austell, Plymouth and Coventry.

Myra DuBois today said: “We toured the UK at the end of last year and it was a tremendous success. I can’t say it wasn’t because it was. And yet a wail remains on the wind. Can you hear it? It’s the British people crying out for more. ‘Help us, Myra’ they plead, rather pathetically if I’m honest. But who am I to deny them? So, my travelling sanctum shall set out once more for the regions to penetrate. I make only one promise, you will leave the theatre in a much better state than when you entered it.”

Myra DuBois calls out to you, the disadvantaged, downtrodden and tyrannised of the world, with her manifesto for mental health: AdMyrism! But are you ready to receive the call?

“Be Well” is a sardonic side-eye at the Wellness Industrial Complex as Myra continues the tradition of the likes of Shirley McClean and Gwyneth Paltrow, a celebrity that knows best. Having left audiences across the globe in physical pain from laughter with her take-no-prisoners brand of rapid-fire comedy; Myra DuBois lays her healing hands on the masses in this; her wellness sermon. Unpredictable, intelligent character comedy, the self-declared siren of South Yorkshire works the room, sparing no-one her sharp tongue, and yet somehow keeping everybody affectionately on-side.

Myra DuBois regrets to confirm that she will be supported by “comedian” Frank Lavender. She wishes you to consider this more of a content warning than an announcement. Both Myra DuBois and Frank Lavender are comic creations of character comedian Gareth Joyner.

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