What makes a serial killer tick? And are there ever tell-tale signs?

Scottish detective David Swindle presents a chilling, thrilling, night at the theatre as he explores famous murder cases from the detective’s perspective - and the clues behind The Makings of a Murderer.

“Serial Killers are cunning, conniving, controlling, careful and – I hate to say it – clever,” says David. “They live apparently normal lives and get away with their crimes for years... until eventually detected.”

Hear about the Britain’s most infamous serial killers, including Jack the Ripper, Peter Tobin, Harold Shipman, Peter Sutcliffe and the ‘killer couples’ – Fred & Rose West and Moors Murderers Ian Brady & Myra Hindley.

With more than 34 years experience as a senior detective, David Swindle shares his unique insight into the mind of a murderer, the famous cases that were never solved, and how murderers got away with it... from someone on the inside.

David, whose ground-breaking Operation Anagram uncovered the activities of Peter Tobin, paints an often-dark picture of how these monsters come to be in a gripping, fully-interactive, audio-visual first.

David also looks at the connections to the local area of the most famous murder cases.

The Makings of a Murderer is a chilling, thrilling, night at the theatre not to be missed.

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David Swindle

David Swindle
With over 34 years police service mostly within the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), David has been involved in hundreds of murder investigations and was at the forefront of implementing change and developing innovative national crime investigation processes

His work as Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) saw him managing high profile and challenging UK cross border investigations including the Glasgow Airport Terrorist Investigation and the murder of Polish student Angelika Kluk in Glasgow. He also formed Operation Anagram to investigate serial killer Peter Tobin’s involvement in other crimes.

This activity attracted high profile media comment with extensive online coverage and a Chief
Constable’s Commendation:

“Following the terrorist attack at Glasgow International Airport on 30 June 2007, you provided drive and inspiration to members of the enquiry team working under incredibly intense difficult circumstances. Under the immense pressure of worldwide media scrutiny, you ensured that the excellent investigative reputation of the Force was upheld.”

As Head of Strathclyde Police Public Protection and SIO, David was responsible for overseeing the investigation of crimes, mitigating risks and formulating policy regarding dangerous offenders, rape and serious sexual assault, vice and human trafficking, child protection and vulnerable persons. As a high profile senior police detective, he was involved in the innovative use of TV, online and social media regarding serious crime investigations; in particular, investigations of the serial killer Peter Tobin, which included creation of the groundbreaking BBC Crimewatch Operation Anagram website.

Since retiring from the police and setting up David Swindle Crime Solutions in June 2011, his skills and strategic vision have been very much in demand by a variety of public and private sector organisations for investigative, advice and case review issues abroad and in the UK.

The Makings of a Murderer
Tuesday 18 April
at 7.30pm

Box office: 020 7557 7300