Opening at the Comedy Theatre in Melbourne, Drummer Queens is a female driven show that will hold your attention to the very end. Given that there are only 8 performers on stage, the Queens fill the stage with their wit, talent, enthusiasm and extraordinary percussion skills.

The multifaceted musicians combine percussion, dance moves, acrobatics and humour for an intensive 90 minutes. For those who look forward to heading back to the theatre after a long lockdown in Melbourne, I can assure you that the Drummer Queen’s will shake off the cobwebs as you are pulled into their heart-pounding and invigorating world.

The industrial theme that Drummer Queen’s embodies works beautifully in succession with the rhythmic percussion.

Drummer Queens comprises an extraordinary Australian cast including, Georgia Anderson (Bey- B), Peta Anderson (Freedom), Stef Furnari (Rebel), Niki Johnson (Switch), Salina Myat (Zen), Lisa Purmodh (Sass), Claudia Wherry (Luna) and Ned Wu (Cap), and swing performers, Sasha Lian Diaz and Astrid Holz.

Performing awe-inspiring numbers including Journey Through the Storm, Marimba, Cajons, Asian Metal, Freedom Builds a Kit and Epic Riser, the show is non-stop high energy that ebbs and flows with ease and fluidity.

Created and composed by Joe Accaria, with creative direction by Nigel Turner-Carroll and choreography by Peta Anderson who also performs in the show. Highlight of the night and my personal favourite, was the tap dance performance by Peta Anderson. Anderson captured the audience’s attention and hearts with her effervescence and rhythmic tap moves. Her flawless performance coupled with the heart-pounding percussion radiated throughout the theatre. The incredible lighting used throughout the show also added to the overall magic of Drummer Queens.

A highly charged performance and one that will shake you out of your Covid coma.