This is a lovely little Tale of 'elf' discovery, friendship and Christmas Cheer. It is the perfect Christmas treat available on line this festive season. Like all great children's theatre it is packed with fun and engaging content for young children, but also has moments that will have adults chuckling to themselves one minute, then taken with the pathos surrounding loss of self belief that these Christmas Elves suffer in their quest to retrieve the magic of Christmas
This bundle of joy is delivered by the totally engaging Gina Beck and Neil McDermott, who have penned this too.

They switch expertly from comedy and slapstick, to singing from the heart, with such ease. It tells the tale of Cupcake (Gina Beck) a Christmas Elf who is unable to face the challenge of delivering Santa's presents. Who as soon as Dec 1st arrives changes from all singing all dancing merriment to a nervous wreck . She can't even cope with the word 'presents' itself. It falls on Figgy and us as the audience to get her out of the doldrums and back to her magical and super efficient self. But like all good stories, Figgy (Neil McDermott)has his own magical flaw that makes it difficult for him to give Cupcake the final help she needs . The audiences are then required to provide that happy ending.

The mix of live action on stage and filmed sequences is extremely successful and adds much to the magic of the story. Special mention of the sound effects and lighting, timed to precision with the action, adds much to the comic moments. These gets squeals of delight from the socially distanced young audience that were privileged to see this in the theatre when it was recorded.

There is also a song that wouldn't be out of place in a West End Musical, followed by a Festive sing-a-long at the end. This medley is a delightful mix of swing versions of Christmas songs, and a new patter song with actions that is destined to become a festive classic.

A delightful show that is a boost to your inner 'elf', and we all need that after the trials of this year.