The intimacy of the King's Head is a perfect setting for this little gem of a performance. Encouraged to become Prince Henry's citizens, the audience are, definitely the second character in this 'One Prince Show'.

What is really delightful about this piece, is the way that it transcends a camp pastiche of Disney Fairy Tales and songs and has moments of real pathos and strong messages about acceptance.

Rich Watkins (Prince Henry) and Denholm Spurr (Director/Producer have conjured up sixty minutes of pure magic, with Rich Watkins striding and long legged 'Only Gay in the Kingdom' ,creating a joyous time with his quick witted banter. With rewritten lyrics, the renditions of Disney Classics will be as you've never heard them before . 'One Day My Prince Will Come' will never again have its original meaning.

The story that links the musical numbers is the tormented tale of Prince Henry, who desperately wants true loves kiss. However, is his Kingdom he is alone with no chance of ever meeting his Prince. With the help of his Fairy Godfather, and the audience, he is whisked to the Soho where he is like a child in a candy shop. 'Be Our Guest' becomes an anthemic spin around all the London Scene offers. Will he find true love here or something hedonistic but a little less rewarding?

Of course the evening would not be complete with 'Let it Go' here as ' Let it Show' it becomes his torch song as he pleads to have his narrative rewritten so he can have his happy ending within his own Kingdom.
Rich Watkins gives a tour de force performance. Delivering this show with such pace that it never once loses its momentum. He can switch between sauce and pathos and excels in both.

There is a reminder that the Fairy Stories we tell are what form the opinions of the young. In a modern world, maybe we need to be telling our children a more inclusive Tale.