Sometimes you don't need special effects like 3D scenes to make a Pantomime special, the old slapstick routines are still the best way to get young and old alike to laugh out loud.

The QDos production of Cinderella is colourful, entertaining and energetic - and you will leave the theatre in a lot happier mood than when you entered.

Cinderella is still one of the most magical and romantic Panto's and when you have the chemistry between Cinderella (Hannah Grace Lawson) and Prince Charming (Gareth Gates) you are on to a winner.

Add to that the Double act of Coronation Street baddie Connor McIntyre who played Pat Phelan in the soap who now is Ugly Sister Phelina and Les Dennis who is the other ugly sister Michaela, it was always going to provide plenty of opportunities for one liners such as 'I'm wearing my Brexit dress today -it's all over the place from whichever angle you look at it"

Richard Cadell as Buttons never fails to show his admiration for Cinderella- his magic acts too provided plenty of astonishing moments for the audience but it was his friend Sooty who got a lot of the applause. Even Sweep makes a guest appearance with an hilarious rendition of his impression of Pavarotti!

There are plenty of references to Gareth Gates time on the Pop Idol TV series - he even gets to sing Unchained Melody along with the Ed Sheeran hit Shape of You which becomes Prince Like You for the Panto.

Kimberley Blake shone as the Fairy Godmother whilst Jack McNeill played a very believable Dandini. Whoever has done the casting has done a fine job as all the cast worked well together.

It is a fast paced show: no one scene goes on too long to stop young minds wandering.

The dance routines are spot on, including the Village People who make an appearance with an extra member - Donald Trump!

As the entire cast end with the Elton John hit, I'm Still Standing, this was a show that stood on its own two feet.

It is one of the best Pantomime's that Nottingham has seen in many years - go along, you will have a ball.

Runs until Sunday 5 January 2020.