Call Me Vicky, a new production at the Pleasance Theatre, is a sparkling gem of a play, perfectly cut in every facet.
It is the story of Martin, a young person living on a council estate in South London estate with his mother. Martin wants to transition from male to female at a time when the idea and the process of transitioning was relatively new. Martin’s spiritual home is a Soho nightclub which he goes to with his best friend Debbie and the music clearly sets the story in the 80’s.

Everything about this play has the feel of authenticity – the individuals as personalities, the dynamics between them and their impact on each other and the feel of the culture they live in. At heart, this is a story of how personal relationships sustain us through struggle and adversity It’s outstanding feature is the engaging, exceptionally convincing performance delivered by each member of the cast and its witty and authentic dialogue. It’s a beautiful performance to watch despite the difficulty of the situation for the characters involved.

This is a debut play by Nicola and Stacey Bland both of whom appear as cast member, and it’s a hopeful sign of more good things to come from these two very talented writers. Kudos for outstanding direction as well.