The Maids is an adaptation of Jean Genet's well-known play. Set in the cosy Barons Court Theatre, the direction by John Patterson offers a modern twist on a play that first premiered in Paris more than 70 years ago.

It all starts in a luxurious bedroom, where two maids re-enact their daily routine: Solange plays her sister Claire whilst Claire shines as the mistress. The scenario they play has been rehearsed and acted many, many times and it always ends with the maid violently killing the mistress.

Based loosely on true events, The Maids still holds up today. It is a strong analysis and critique of our society and the many classes of people it holds. John Patterson modernised the play with contemporary references, which makes the audience reflect on modern-day slavery such as nannies, housekeepers and cleaning staff.

Sarah Kerr, who plays a heavily disturbed and controlling Solange, was magnificent in her role. Her chemistry with Anna Bonnett, who plays her sister Claire with ease and passion, is remarkable. The relationship between the sisters often varies, from playing like children to exploring a deviant sexuality, from one being motherly to becoming abusive and exploitive.

Christie Silvester, who gives life to the despicable and selfish mistress, was a delight. Her mannerisms, her arrogance disguised under a pretend kindness and her general attitude made her a fantastic mistress; one you might fantasise obout killing as well…

The all feminine cast was great, the story poignant and relatable to a certain extent. The theatre was so small and intimate that you could not escape from the painful, embarrassing and intense moments. This was an eventful and powerful evening so make sure you keep an eye on the Angel Theatre Company and catch their next production!