Nick Cordero is in a stable condition after suffering a "rocky night" in hospital on Tuesday.

The Rock of Ages actor has been in hospital since March, as he was placed in a medically-induced coma and subsequently had to have his leg amputated and a temporary pacemaker fitted after encountering a multitude of complications from the Covid-19 virus.

He has since also suffered two mini-strokes and a lung infection, among other issues, but despite his wife Amanda Kloots previously revealing she's been advised to "say goodbye", medical professionals have pushed ahead with stem cell treatment in the hope of his recovery.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday evening, Amanda told fans that Nick "had a little bit of a rocky night last night".
"They had to do a little bit of fixing of that and antibiotics," she stated. "Luckily, everything is back to normal today and that was just a little blip that can happen in ICU. I mean, anything can happen in ICU, but just a little blip but we're back to normal."

However, Amanda insisted the 41-year-old's recovery was still "good".

"He's stable and they'll probably be looking at doing another, hopefully, CT scan of his lungs to see what kind of progress or if there's further damage in his lungs," she commented.

She added that Nick's doctors are considering "another round of stem cells" to help repair his lungs, which have been "severely damaged" due to his intense battle with the coronavirus.