TAKE CARE is a documentary theatre production created from interviews with NHS officials, politicians, MP's, carers, care managers and older people.

For Director Zoe Templeman-Young and performer Sam McLaughlin, it’s been a labour of love. Both have first-hand experience working as young carers for older people. Over the course of six years, the play has evolved and remained relevant as the social care crisis reaches breaking point.

Director Zoe Templeman-Young said: “Having cared from a young age, I had all these experiences that I felt weren’t “normal” to talk about. It was a big mixture of the difficulties that come with end-of-life care, but also the hilarious and joyful moments. Having travelled around England speaking to other carers, I see their desperate need to tell their stories and to know that they aren’t alone. It is a privilege to be able to put their stories front and centre and see the incredible effect it has on audiences and carers alike. Take Care is both a theatrical experience and community-building project.”

The play stems from real experiences and stories that need to be told. Performer Sam McLaughlin commented: “It is a necessity that these stories and the whole issue of Social care is addressed. Due to legal reasons we provided anonymity for the people who shared their experiences knowing that this also gives them the freedom to share their stories. When we created the production it was already clear that addressing the care system in this country was overdue. Six years later, we have a clear timeline that shows what an uphill struggle it is - for carers and those being cared for.”