Peter Allen is a name that is synonymous with Australia, and his remarkable life story has been captured in the musical "The Boy From Oz." Over the years, there have been numerous renditions of this play, with each bringing its own unique flavor, however, the current production at the National Theatre in St Kilda truly stands out.

"The Boy From Oz,” currently on until 21 July, has a way of drawing out a rainbow of emotions. As you take a journey with a young Peter, who began his career in a bar in outback Australia, it’s incredible to see how dreams can be achieved with determination, steadfast encouragement and an array of sequinned attire.

Starring Matthew Hadgraft as Peter Allen, Saskia Penn as Judy Garland, and Sara Monteaux as Liza Minnelli, the play quickly transports you into Allen’s world. The cabaret style production does theatre a little differently and we see Hadgraft speaking directly to the audience, breaking the wall. Hadgraft’s quick wit and powerful voice has the audience captivated and I too find myself in his grip. Monteaux is a stand out as Allen’s love interest, Liza Minnelli. Not only did she look the part, but her performance of “I’d Rather Leave While I’m in Love,” was exceptional and effortlessly tapped on my heartstrings and I’m gathering I wasn’t alone. It’s a sign of a great performance when an actor can shake you to your core.

Directed and choreographed by Rhylee Nowell, it’s Hadgraft’s performance of “I Still Call Australia Home” and “I Honestly Love You” that captivated me. Hadgraft’s ability to draw in the audience and deliver an authentic performance made for a memorable evening. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve never seen any shows put on by Theatrical previously or at the National Theatre, however was pleasantly surprised by the extraordinary efforts by the entire company.