Back in 1965, playwright Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple debuted on Broadway and has since been reprised numerous times. The first time I discovered The Odd Couple was as a child back in the 1980’s and loved the storyline about two divorced bachelors living together – one was a neurotic freak and the other a messy slob.

Directed by Mark Kilmurry, the classic comedy play continues to charm audiences and is currently playing at The Comedy Theatre until 23rd June. Oscar (Shane Jacobson) offers his newly separated friend Felix (Todd McKenney) a place to stay in his apartment in New York. The duo are freshly single after their respective wives leave them and the antics that ensue are comical. The play masterfully captures the hilarious dynamic between the duo as completely mismatched roommates. Jacobson and McKenney are perfectly cast and their rhythm on stage helps to drive the narrative at a cracking and hilarious pace. Both actors feed off each other’s energy bringing depth to their characters.

When Felix wanders the streets of New York claiming he is going to kill himself, his poker buddies, Roy (Peter Batchelor), Speed (Laurence Coy), Vinnie (Jamie Oxenbould and Murray (Anthony Taufa) all band together alongside Oscar to help their friend out. Praise and props goes out to the remarkable supporting cast for keeping the momentum going and the audience engaged to the very end.

Highlight of the show were Oscar and Felix’s potential new love interests, Cecily (Lucy Durack) and Gwendolyn (Penny McNamee). The giggling English Pigeon sisters were sensational and their rapport with an awkward Felix was a high point. The dialogue throughout is sharp and punchy and the set design by Justin Nardella transports you back to the 1970’s and fills you with nostalgia.

Although the strongest element of the play is its humour, it touches on important themes such as friendship, loneliness and the trials and tribulations people face cohabiting.