Every so often a musical comes along that shouldn’t work. When its plot is slight, and its parodying is turned up to full volume. This is one such occasion. However, what is delivered in sandy beach spade-fulls is a gloriously mad and extremely funny mix of ‘Love Island’, ‘Grease’, ‘Squid Games’ and ‘Little Shop of Horrors”. A fun-packed blast for a hot summer evening or even a wet one.

It started out as an idea that Brandon Lambert (music and lyrics) and Martin Landry (Book) wanted to pen the worlds worst juke box musical. And following on from that absurd start the musical grew. Rather than using existing hits Lambert has parodied those classic all American summer hits. Which creates huge fun for the audience as they spot the links. The book is bonkers and so tongue in cheek it is staggering that it works, but it so does.
This is in part due to the wonderful characters that the cast create. Their total commitment and quality of acting and singing lift this into what could even become a cult classic.

Janice Landry as Chasity and Jack Whittle as Dude are the ‘Sandy and Danny ‘of the beach-romp-bomp-a-lomp and play their burgeoning love with such ridiculous innocence it’s a joy to behold. Mary Jo (Ellie Clayton) and Jo (Tom Babbage) are the geeks that find each other but struggle to say how they truly feel. Clayton’s singing and characterisations being one of the shows highlights. Babbage’s hesitancy to be able to say what he feels is so perfectly timed and is hilarious. Completing the couples are Chickie (Katie Oxman) and Dickie (Damien James). They find love through their wacky bird calling and are in chirruping fine voice throughout. Completing the cast are Dixie Newman and Bradley Adams who provide the backing singing and a whole lot more.

Steering this mad-cap romp is director Mark Bell who totally understands the strengths this show has and brings those to the fore. Francesca Jaynes choreography is tight and exuberant and fits perfectly with the humour of the piece.

If anyone is looking for a fun packed 90 minutes, they can do no better than sit back and let the waves of silliness wash the cares of the world away. Life’s a Beach-Romp-Bomp-A-Lomp.

Photo credit: Danny Kaan