Warheads presents an explosive, emotionally charged story of two young men who join the British army and go on multiple tours to war-ridden countries.

Written by Taz Skylar and Ross Berkeley Simpson, and directed by Toby Clarke, the story highlights the dramatic, confusing impacts that army life has on the lives of these two young men. The majority of the story focuses on Miles (played by Skylar) who suffers terrifying bouts of PTSD. Skylar delivers a convincing performance, whole-heartedly bringing to life a character that’s full of aggression and grief with flash backs of sensitivity and humour from his former self. His performance grabs attention and takes centre stage. Meanwhile Mory (played by Hassan Najib) is quietly suffering from his own pain with Najib offering a more low-key performance to display the subtle, silent effects of army life.

Timelines are seamlessly interwoven throughout the production highlighting the contrast of life before and after joining the army. Spotlight is also placed on the dangers of ‘toxic masculinity’ and the detrimental impacts on men when they need to be seen as tough and strong.

To balance the emotional storyline, plenty of humour is peppered throughout the performance. Joseph Connelly plays the hilariously flamboyant Coby, and Craig Fairbrass offers a first-class performance as the stern army captain. Klariza Clayton and Sophie Couch play the believable, albeit side-lined roles of Miles girlfriend (Clayton) and his therapist (Couch) and bring some further depth to the storyline.

Overall, an energetic, captivating performance highlighting the devasting, unravelling impacts that army life can have on those who go to war, and those they come back to.