Secrets, lies, and manipulative play is in place, as we delve inside an extra marital affair. Starring Claire Lams as the middle class Nadia and Jon Foster as the working class Daniel.

As the drudgery of every day school pick-ups, chores, TV and humdrum plateau of domesticity have set in. Nadia and Jon embark on an illicit affair, with an initial buzz and high of flirtation, innuendos and animalistic lust, yet all wrapped up in a set of rules initiated by Nadia.

A simple stage sets the scenes, as their hideaway flat purchased by Nadia provides the setting for them to embark on their affair – but is it all an illusion? Realistic scenarios play out as the characters personalities slowly and cleverly unfold and the game of illicit chess is a volley of the exchange of control.

As their clandestine affair heats up, burner phones and a weekly rendezvous are on the agenda, as Nadia and Daniel run with the whirlwind of the thrill. The game is on and challenges are fresh and yet boundaries begin to get abused, as Nadia exhibits the emotional control through reintegrating her rules. The monster of lust continues to be fed but cracks start to emerge.

The affair opens doors to lying, deceit, anger and paranoia as Daniel and Nadia continue on their rollercoaster. Reality begins to worm its way into the affair as the payback of infidelity, the weight of conscience and the initial mundane, banal everyday ‘normality’ rears its head. Deep seated issues are raised as events occur, Nadia light hearted veneer fades and she reveals her true herself.

From primary sexual tension played well by the interaction between Nadia and Daniel through to the fading of connection – Rust portrays an affair fuelled strongly by desire, imagination – a perfect mix for inevitable disaster...

Rust – 26 June to 27 July – Bush Theatre, London
Director: Eleanor Rhode
Running time: 75 minutes