Directed by the supremely glamorous Valerie Hex (James Welsby), Yummy is a raucous cocktail of joyful exuberance. Skipping over a sequin-encrusted surface, it celebrates, accepts and subverts the visual. The lovely Karen from Finance elegantly comperes with a deceptively light touch in a series of gorgeous ensembles: invoice archiving’s loss is truly cabaret’s gain.

Every time the glitter curtain parts, another treat appears, whether death metal tap dancing, a haunting live song or comedy lip syncing. The show is concocted from a tantalising recipe of drag, cabaret, burlesque, performance and circus art. It’s refreshing to see how the gender balance struck by Welsby results in an inclusive show which then is free to move beyond gender and into joyful pure performance.

Jandruze and Benjamin Hancock bring their extraordinarily pliant bodies to choreography which manages to be both sharp and cheeky. Joni in the Moon’s haunting live vocals season the glorious artificiality with a note of authenticity. Zelia Rose and Hannie Helsden provide jaw droppingly skilled performances.

All of the cast are at the top of their game, and the show is well-paced - Yummy is a treat.

Until 28th July at Underbelly, Southbank.