This new production by the dance company BalletBoyz, founded and artistically directed by Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, brings us a wide-open space of pleasure in music and dance – an evening to lose yourself in an exceptionally fine interweaving of movement and sound. But it also brings something beyond pleasure, originating from the fine artistic achievement of this production which delivers a consistently and fully engaging performance. It also leaves us with an extra-something at the end - a kind of catharsis in which you lose yourself and at the same time feel somehow elevated and purified – it’s a sign of an exceptional performance.

The remarkable synchronicity and collaboration between the music and the dance is paralleled by the outstanding harmony of movement achieved by the company. The fluency of motion of the individual dancers is palpable from the beginning as is the special harmony achieved within the ensemble. And that harmony is the key word for the entire production – how well the troupe dance together as if they were one and as if the dance and music were one. Part of the successful integration, especially for Them, extends to the colourful costumes designed by Katherine Watt.

The performance, which lasts and hour and a quarter, including an intermission, divides itself into two halves – the first dance production is Them, conceived and choreographed by the dancers, working in close cooperation with the composer, Charlotte Harding. The result is something remarkably engaging, coherent yet varied both in terms of music and dance which feel fully complementary and inseparable. This is followed by what was originally conceived as a duet for the company by choreographer Christopher Wheeldon and broadened into a fully developed piece, incorporating other dancers in the company while retaining the centrality of the duet. The composer here is Keaton Henson who provides a poignant and evocative score.

This dance company clearly has exceptional talent and an effective supporting structure to make that talent visible. These dancers of the light fantastic deserve to be named: Edward Arnold, Benjamin Knapper, Paolo Pisarra, Harry Price, Liam Riddict, Dominic Rocco, Matthew Sandiford, Bradley Waller. This is a must see.