Set in the bowels of the Vault in Waterloo, ‘The New Romantic’ centres around the topic of polyamory – the practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all parties.

The play focuses on two main characters, Antonia (Milli Proust) and Erin (Eleanor Henderson) along with Erin’s boyfriend Bruno (Edward Davis). The opening scene is in a hospital waiting room, the aforementioned both hysterical about the state of Bruno who is in surgery after an allergic reaction. We’re then sent back to when Antonia and Erin first meet and how the idea of a three-way relationship takes shape.

Director Sadie Spencer insightfully explores the nuances of a polyamorous relationship with several moments of both comedy and pathos. Proust and Henderson both deliver strong performances as leads, with Edward Davis (naked behind a double bass for much of the play) also on point.

The New Romantic insightfully shines light on polygamous relationships, revealing the complex emotions involved through powerful writing, expertly delivered by the cast.