The new musical Mythic at the Charing Cross Theatre, an interesting venue under the arches of Charing Cross station, is a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable production.

This musical tells the story of a young girl’s (Persephone) efforts to break away from her over-protective mother (Demeter) and the consequences that follow. The story is set within the frame of the Greek myth of Persephone, which is also a story about an overprotective mother, Demeter, who tries to protect her daughter, Persephone, from all men, including the god of the Underworld, Hades, who wants to marry her.

The story is told in ninety, non-stop minutes of music, dialogue, song and dance and, although all the characters are famous Greek gods with superpowers, they are dressed and act like young modern-day mortals and this combination works superbly.

The plot of the story is very well-adapted from the myth and changed just enough to bring out the central mother-daughter dynamic. There is a very convincing performance by Georgie Westall as Persephone, Tim Oxbow makes a wonderfully modern Zeus and Daniella Bowen is very believable as the worried mother Demeter. All the cast perform well and the musical numbers, lyrics as well as music, are memorable and move the story along so that, when it’s over, you want to see it again. Wonderfully fun and definitely worth seeing.

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