For its 20th Anniversary Season, The Production Company have launched the iconic Australian musical, The Boy from Oz.

Currently performing at the State Theatre until 26 August, The Boy From Oz includes many of Peter Allen’s hit songs including; “Quiet Please”, “There’s a Lady on Stage”, “Everything Old is New Again”, “Tenterfield Saddler”, “I Honestly Love You”, “I Still Call Australia Home”, “Don’t Cry Out Loud” and “I Go To Rio”.

The coveted role of Peter Allen is beautifully performed by Rohan Browne and he had the audience in his grip right from the onset. His endearing nature and pitch perfect voice made him shine brighter than his selection of sequined glitzy tops Allen was known for. Caroline O’Connor performs the role of Judy Garland and has just returned from London where she received critical acclaim for her performance in The Rink. Loren Hunter is spectacular as Liza Minnelli’s and added sass to the stage. The trio were delightful and the dynamic between them felt natural making the narrative flow with ease.

Maxwell Simon was exceptional as Greg Connell and gave us a rare glimpse into Peter and Greg’s relationship. Their union was one of utter devotion and Robyn Arthur who played Peter’s supportive mother, Marion Woolnough, lovingly accepted Greg into the family.

The Boy from Oz centres on the life of Peter Allen who came from humble beginnings and went on to become a sensational international star. Performing in pubs when he was only 11, Peter Allen was later discovered by Judy Garland and then went on to marry her daughter Liza Minnelli.

Throughout the musical a young Allen, played by Lenny Thomas and Hudson Sharp is weaved throughout the narrative. This was a clever addition that to gave us an insight into Peter Allen’s childhood and helped to progress the narrative.

Special mention goes out to Musical Director Michael Tyack and the dazzling ensemble for adding to the allure of the musical. Arthur’s rendition of “ Don’t Cry Out Loud” was heartfelt and evoked great emotion. It was a touching moment and one that will stay etched in my memory for years to come. Another sensational musical by The Production Company and kudos for paying homage to an Australian icon.