Harry Gibson's stage play predates the cult movie by a couple of years having been written only a year after Danny Boyles original smash hit book. This new production from the 'Kings Head Theatre' and 'In Your Face Theatre', is an intense and immersive experience that will not disappoint.

"I turn Levine's books into plays because he is a writer of foul genius" said Gibson and after walking into the long tunnel where the cast are already dancing their nuts off to blaring house music, it's not long before you know precisely what he means.

Director Adam Spreadbury-Maher sets a break-neck pace for the dialogue and action right from the start as this high speed drug fuelled tale takes you on a roller-coaster ride through the highs and lows of heroin addiction.
This previously unused tunnel in the labrynthian Vaults Theatre is the perfect setting for the grit and grime of Trainspotting. The intimacy of the staging leaves nothing to the imagination, keeping you on your toes as the cast lurch back and forth into the seated audience members, one minute looking for a fight, next minute a hug.

Narrated by the actors in turn the action comes at you from all directions. Principal actor Frankie O'Connor delivers an intense portrayal of Renton giving every atom of his being to the performance which - twice nightly - must be an exhausting affair. The whole company deserve praise in that respect fully immersed in their characters as dire situation move from absurd comedy and toilet humour to disturbing horror and desperate grief with effortless skill.

Fans of the film will not be disappointed. Be prepared for nudity, very strong language, 'Comfortably Numb' at full volume and a superb time!

Not for the faint hearted. A joyous night of shit, shocks and scag.

The London season will now run at The Vaults from 27 March for 10 weeks to Sunday 3 June before transferring to Off Broadway from 5 July. Tickets.