Bookstory, the touring production by MONSTRO Theatre recently performed at the Little Angel Studios in Islington, is a true delight. Its target audience was anyone aged over six and its appeal was indeed pretty universal - many one-liners went over the children's heads but were much enjoyed by the adults (such as the weak cup of tea working out at the gym). My 8 year old companion summed up the younger perspective: “amazingly good” and “lots of fun”.

Brian's library was the setting for a magical tale of talking books, puppets and human librarians wonderfully played by Steve Tipley, Karina Garnett and Andrea Sadler.

The singing, dancing and puppetry mingled together in a very natural and harmonious way and the storyline developed with unexpected twists and turns. Inventive, charming and exciting – children’s theatre as it should be. This show deserved a wider audience than it had on Sunday morning at the Little Angel Studios. It’s well worth watching up for the future productions by MONSTRO Theatre which are sure to entertain.