Utterly outrageous and utterly riotous, Last Chance Saloon’s excursion into the world of ancient Egypt will have you in stitches as Jack Faires, Sam Dunham and Jack Gogarty take great pride in sharing their latest tale CURSE OF THE MUMMY with you! This is bound to be one of the highlights of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe!

Quintessentially a send-up of the Indiana Jones flicks as well as The Mummy adventures starring Brendan Fraser, CURSE OF THE MUMMY also pays homage to the good ole Hammer Horror and Universal Monster schlockers of yesteryear. If it ain’t enough ingredients for a winning formula already the three lads also add their irresistible choreography to the brew, plus (predominantly) cheesy yet catchy 80’s pop tunes and a refreshingly in-your-face sense of humour.

Witness how Montana Jones – on a quest for archaeological eminence – has to take on a love-cursed Mummy and a camper-than-a-Christmas tree Nazi spy (even the swastika is made of glitter and tinsel!). There are fights in hot air balloons (you got to see it to believe it), a spitting camel and so much more – it is all absolutely barmy and in the most delightful way I can assure you!
A big round of applause for Mr. Faires, Mr. Dunham and Mr. Gogarty who play multiple characters each and change costumes and characters at the speed of a machine gun.

Join the adventurous mayhem at Just the Tonic (Big Cave) where the show runs until the 26th of August. Tickets can be purchased via: www.edinburgh.justthetonic.com

(Photo courtesy of Liam Prior)