It's was a hot London night when Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical rolled into town. The hottest June day for forty years to be exact but you would not have know it inside the London Coliseum, they must have some pretty meaty air conditioning units. 
Also immediately impressive is the set which is angled towards the audience providing the perfect viewing platform. It changes from a scene of futuristic trash city to shabby chic interior at the flick of a light cue.

Andrew Polec leads the cast as Strat, the head of a rebellious gang - The Lost - who live in the shadow of the futuristic city’s domineering leader Falco. In a script that bewilders and entertains in equal measure Strat falls for Falco’s daughter – Raven played by Christina Bennington - kept locked away in Falco Tower. You could draw comparisons to Trump’s America, Falco’s unhinged behaviour certainly does. A fantastical tale of love and loss ensues, Pilec bounds around the stage with manic energy although his characterisation leaves you a bit cold. The relationship between the second couple – Zahara and Jagwire - works more successfully culminating in the exemplary rendition of ‘Dead Ringer For Love’. 

Essentially this production rides on Jim Steiman's songwriting genius including ‘I’d Do Anything For Love’, ‘You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth’, ‘Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad’ and of course title track ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ with new tracks sitting nicely in between.

Bat out of Hell, the musical, will certainly see Meat Loaf fans happy with a visually stunning set and effects the backdrop to explosive representations of the classic songs. It may have to work harder to please London Coliseum’s usual crowd but that said we left into the hot night humming away with smiles on our faces.

Check out our exclusive interviews with Meat Loaf and lead Andrew Polec below.

London heats up as @BatTheMusical #BatTheMusical rides into town.

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