The English Heart, superbly written and directed by Matthew Campling, is a funny, political play about lust, love, sexuality and Brexit. Set in Lincolnshire, near Boston – where the highest leave vote in Britain was recorded and UKIP leader Paul Nuttall ran for parliament – it is 2017 and the General Election is not far off.

The play starts off in the family home of Marie (Anya Williams) who lives with her husband Jake (Jake Williams) across the field. They are selling their house so they can pay off their mortgage and the mysterious Andre (Andrew Jardine), an accountant working in London comes to buy it. Andre is seeking refuge from the busy capital, longing to be alone in the English countryside, something he has dreamed of since being a child in South Africa. However, after the offer gets accepted, Andre gets more than he bargained for.

Jake Williams (Jake) is mischievous with a dry sense of humour and the audience quickly warms to him. This makes for an interesting relationship with Andre, a fascinating three dimensional character. Anya Williams plays Marie with intelligence and a sexual energy that fills the theatre. The unravelling of her marraige to Jake in front of Andre is truly gripping.

Head to the Etcetera Theatre before the 2nd of July for the chance to see a play that explores adultery, sexuality and lust in a refreshing way, fitting the current political climate perfectly with a great sense of humour.