'For Twitstorm to premier in the same week as Donald Trump’s ‘covfefe’ tweet is good timing for the Park Theatre, especially as one of the biggest laughs of the night comes courtesy of the President. Then again, when does a week go past these days without a celebrity or politician tweeting something offensive that makes the news?

The action takes place in the house of chat TV show host Guy Manton (Jason Merrells) – think Noel Edmonds but less irritating – whose BBC series is just about to end, and America beckons. He is married to Bex (Claire Goose), a writer. The play starts with what seems a normal day at the office with the excellent Neil (Justin Edwards) who is the show’s writer. Then enters the writer of the play itself, Chris England, convincing as manager and producer Rupert.

The play turns up a gear when Ike, (Tom Moutchi) the Manton’s long, lost, African - sponsored - son steals the show. At the end of series BBQ, Ike tweets a ‘joke’, and causes such a storm it is given a ‘gate’ by the most politically correct person in the country, Daniel Priest, played with great sass by Ben Kavanagh.

The second half explores the outcome and includes a passionate rant by Guy which raises some valid points about modern society and political correctness. The ending was frankly bizarre, but does make you think that a world without social media isn't necessarily a better option.

With solid direction by Jonathan Lewis, hilarious music choices and an interesting subtext revolving around Ike, the production brings a relevant, fun, and original play to life which ensures a barrel of laughs and is a good night out all round.'
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