Gabriel is Moira Buffini’s wartime drama, set in Nazi occupied Guernsey in 1943. A widow - Jeanne Becquet (Belinda Lang) has invited a Nazi officer by the name of Von Pfunz (Paul McGann) into her decrepit lodging which she shares with her daughter and daughter-in-law. In an initial exchange Jeanne, assuming Pfunz does not speak English, talks length about her various personal secrets. This exchange reveals the depths of her complicated and hilarious character and sets an intriguing theme for the play.

As the play progresses a young man is found naked on a nearby shore, finally waking not knowing who he is, though speaks both German and English. He reminds Jeanne of her missing son and is poured over by Jeanne’s 10-year-old daughter and yearned for by Jeanne’s Jewish daughter-in-law Lily. Each has their own personal reason to fight for his attention making for an interesting and busy storyline.

As the lively script draws the piece to its dramatic conclusion standout performers are undoubtedly the two leads, McGann portraying the conflicted civilised tyrant with a superb performance and Lang excellent as the sharp, double crossing resistance fighter.

For a much forgotten part of British history it makes for a fascinating night out.
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