Artist in Residence Alexander Zeldin returns to the NT with his new play, Faith, Hope and Charity, the third piece in his trilogy of plays that tell the stories of people forced to the margins, following Beyond Caring and LOVE.

Faith, Hope and Charity takes us to the heart of our brutal and uncertain times in a radical story of redemption, perseverance and love.

Susan Lynch (Beth) in Faith, Hope and Charity. Image by Sarah Lee

In a run-down community hall on the edge of town, a woman has been cooking lunch for those in need. A choir is starting up, run by a volunteer who’s looking for a new beginning. A mother is seeking help in her fight to keep her young daughter from being taken into care. An older man sits silently in the corner, the first to arrive, the last to leave.

Faith, Hope and Charity, image by Sarah Lee

Recent figures published have revealed that 14.3 million people are living in poverty in the UK right now, with 4.5 million of those in deep poverty, with incomes of less than half the official breadline. [1]

Alexander Zeldin said: “I believe theatre can help us to be more kind, more aware of others, as it allows us to see life with a new intensity. Faith, Hope and Charity is about dignity, about the value of life. But also about the most basic need we have to be with others, for kinship, to not be alone, to find support.”

Corey Peterson (Anthony) in Faith, Hope and Charity. Photo by Sarah Lee

The cast includes Nick Holder, Dayo Koleosho, Susan Lynch, Cecilia Noble, Corey Peterson, Bobby Stallwood, Hind Swareldahab and Alan Williams. The set and costume designer is Alexander’s frequent collaborator, Natasha Jenkins, the lighting designer is Marc Williams, the movement director is Marcin Rudy, the sound designer is Josh Anio Grigg, the rehearsal music director is Laurie Blundell and the associate director is Diyan Zora. Production supported by The Polonsky Foundation.

Faith, Hope and Charity is in the Dorfman, National Theatre until 12th October.